Despite blowing through more film than I’d like in this initial phase as I get accustomed to my new tool (I expect this will temper out a bit), I feel like this project is already a success for me personally. It’s forcing me to think in ways that really break through to the heart of what I love about photography. For me, a good photograph has the ability to completely distill the feeling of a moment, to become an experience in and of itself, to instantly and sensually transport you to a place, to reveal the soul of a person. I’ve always loved the idea that you could communicate the essence of something in a single frame. What one image could emotionally resonate an experience? What singular photograph could be the catalyst for a flood of memories and feelings? In an effort to not spend three million dollars in film on this project, I am trying to limit myself to one photo a day. I find myself walking around collecting mental photographs. I take my time. I sort through my collection in my mind weighing each image for its truth in capturing the essence of that moment/experience for me. I don’t suspect I’ll be churning out amazing photos every day (or even any day!) with this project using one frame of experimental instant film, but I love the way it makes me think. 

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