New Project 365/52

Yesterday I began an exciting and daunting 365 project with a 52 week project wrapped within it. For the next year - 365 days (364 days now that I have day 1 under my belt) I will take one photo a day, specifically one instant photograph (using Fuji Instax Wide film). One photo a week during this time will be a self-portrait (52 weeks - 52 self-portraits within the total 365 photos). I will still be shooting other digital photographs throughout the year, but this instant project will be an effort in many things - an effort to force myself to shoot more; to savor the significance of each moment and each image in a digital age of no limits; to edit less; to accept more (instant film hates perfectionists); to tell concentrated, poignant, effective stories; to revisit my beginnings as a self-portrait artist; and to try something new. I will post all of my photos here on the blog, most likely cellphone snapshots of my instant photographs daily with quality scans of each day’s photo posted weekly. I’ll also throw my better images up on Flickr, Tumblr and Instagram. Should be fun. Yeehaw!

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