First week of 365 project done! I will upload scans of this week’s prints soon. Out of town for the next couple of days (with Instax camera in tow). New instant self-portrait for 52 week portion of 365 project coming within the next day or two.


When you haven’t had an opportunity to shoot all day and you have one shot left in the only pack of instant film you’re carrying, sometimes you just have to take what you can get. I found this tiny house shining a bright beam into the woods at dusk this evening and quickly learned how awkward shooting instax film in very low light without a flash can be. I kind of enjoy the results nonetheless. So for day 5, an average cellphone shot of an average instant photo. Bring on tomorrow. 


Despite blowing through more film than I’d like in this initial phase as I get accustomed to my new tool (I expect this will temper out a bit), I feel like this project is already a success for me personally. It’s forcing me to think in ways that really break through to the heart of what I love about photography. For me, a good photograph has the ability to completely distill the feeling of a moment, to become an experience in and of itself, to instantly and sensually transport you to a place, to reveal the soul of a person. I’ve always loved the idea that you could communicate the essence of something in a single frame. What one image could emotionally resonate an experience? What singular photograph could be the catalyst for a flood of memories and feelings? In an effort to not spend three million dollars in film on this project, I am trying to limit myself to one photo a day. I find myself walking around collecting mental photographs. I take my time. I sort through my collection in my mind weighing each image for its truth in capturing the essence of that moment/experience for me. I don’t suspect I’ll be churning out amazing photos every day (or even any day!) with this project using one frame of experimental instant film, but I love the way it makes me think. 

New Project 365/52

Yesterday I began an exciting and daunting 365 project with a 52 week project wrapped within it. For the next year - 365 days (364 days now that I have day 1 under my belt) I will take one photo a day, specifically one instant photograph (using Fuji Instax Wide film). One photo a week during this time will be a self-portrait (52 weeks - 52 self-portraits within the total 365 photos). I will still be shooting other digital photographs throughout the year, but this instant project will be an effort in many things - an effort to force myself to shoot more; to savor the significance of each moment and each image in a digital age of no limits; to edit less; to accept more (instant film hates perfectionists); to tell concentrated, poignant, effective stories; to revisit my beginnings as a self-portrait artist; and to try something new. I will post all of my photos here on the blog, most likely cellphone snapshots of my instant photographs daily with quality scans of each day’s photo posted weekly. I’ll also throw my better images up on Flickr, Tumblr and Instagram. Should be fun. Yeehaw!

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